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Is 6Ah more powerful than 5Ah

The Stihl AP300 battery is 6Ah surely that's more powerful than EGo's 5Ah battery

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The Stihl 6Ah battery is actually less powerful than an EGo 5Ah battery.

Let me explain....

You cannot measure the power (or longevity) of a battery by comparing the Ah (Amp hours) rating.

At Mowpower we measure batteries in Watt hours (Wh) as this is the only way you can compare battery capacity across the manufacturers ranges and formats.

The manufacturers like to advertise their batteries in Amp hours (Ah) because they think that customers will believe that the bigger number will be more powerful.

But that's not the case...

So here comes the science bit :

To calculate Wh we multiply volts (V) by Ah

Stihl AP300 is 36v x 6Ah = 216Wh

EGo BA2800 is 56v x 5Ah = 280Wh

So the EGo 5Ah battery has one third more power than the Stihl 6Ah battery


Come down to the Mowpower showroom in Harrietsham Kent you will see all our battery garden equipment is clearly labelled in Wh.

We then divide the price by the Wh so you can see exactly how much you are paying for that power.


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