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Is an 80v battery more powerful than a 56v battery

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The answer is yes and no.

Let me explain.

The individual cells in a lithium ion battery are very similar to the common AA battery size and are connected in series (like a long train - end to end)

A 36v to 40v battery will utilise 10 batteries (we call them cells) all wired up in a line (this is called series)

A 56v battery will use 14 cells

An 80v battery will use 20 cells.

That's how a manufacturer achieves their set voltage.

Now to add more power they simply connect another string of batteries (10 or 14 or 20), and instead of connecting them to the end of the first chain - they connect the bottom and the top of the first chain together - so you have 2 chains connected in parallel - effectively doubling the power of the battery (it doesn't increase the voltage though - that stays the same.)

In the battery world this is called 2P.

2 chains of batteries in series connected in parallel.

So a 2P 36v battery would have 20 cells and 1600 watts (the 10 cell version would have 800 watts.

A 2P 56v battery would have 28 cells and 2240 watts (the 14 cell version would have 1120 watts)

A 2P 80v battery would have 40 cells and 3200 watts (the 20 cell version would have 1600 watts)

To get even more power the battery manufacturers can add another P - another 10 or 14 or 20 batteries to triple the power capacity.

But this is where is all goes wrong for the 80v format.

60 cells (3 x 20) is simply too heavy and too difficult to handle as a portable battery.

A 3P 36v battery will have 30 cells and 2400 watts

A 3P 56v battery will have 42 cells and 3360 watts

We believe that 42 cells is the optimum weight to allow the battery to be portable and not too heavy to use on a hand tool.

**There are some 80V 5P mowers out there - but their batteries are fixed and if you run out of power you have to push it to a power point and plug it in!!!!!!!!

So the answer is Yes a 1P 80v battery & a 2P 80v battery has more power than the competition BUT a 3P 56v battery is the most powerful portable battery available.

And that's why the 2 biggest ranges we stock are both 56V

**some manufacturers round up the voltages to the nearest multiple of 10 - so 40v is actually 36v and 60v is actually 56v

So can I have a P please Bob?

Yes you can - at Mowpower we clearly label the P number on all our batteries so you know exactly how powerful the different battery formats are.

Did that make sense?

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