LM1701E  42cm Push Mower with 2.5ah Battery and Standard Charger

LM1701E 42cm Push Mower with 2.5ah Battery and Standard Charger

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Precise and agile, the EGO Power+ LM1701E is perfect for small and medium sized level gardens, and can cut up to 400sqm in a single charge with the 2.5Ah battery supplied with the kit..
42cm Cutting Width
Push Mower
Polymer Deck
Brushless Motor
55 Litre Grass Bag
25mm to 80mm Height Adjustment
Mulch, Collect and Rear Discharge
Vertical Storage
Available with larger capacity batteries and a fast charger - contact us for a price
Rear roller kit AR1700 available
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Cutting area with each battery

This push mower gives you the control you need to work in tighter spaces. With its 42cm cutting capacity and large 55L rear collection bag, you’re able to finish the job whilst collecting your clippings – or if you prefer, you can discharge or mulch ABP1700 giving you even more flexibility.

Developed with you in mind, our Arc Lithium 56V battery delivers the industry’s highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery. This lawn mower is equipped with our 2.5AH battery, plus standard charger so you can reap the benefits of switching to an electric mower and save money each time you use it. 

This mower can be used with any of the EGo batteries (2.5Ah, 5Ah, 7.5Ah, 10Ah) - For EGo every battery fits every machine and every machine fits every battery

Looking for that finishing touch? You can create clean, fresh and defined lines in your lawn with the rear-roller kit AR1700 rear roller kit available to purchase separately). When you’re done, the upright storage capabilities mean the mower can be tucked away neatly until the next time. With no need to store petrol, it’s safer, and helps declutter sheds and garages.



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